Various Types Of Floors You Should Know

A good floor improves the aesthetics of a house all the way from the outside, lobby, kitchen and the bedrooms. Floor types have different purposes in a house making it possible to have many types in one house or institutions. According to floor master experts, choosing the right floor type for each section of a house will improve the experience one gets by living in such a house. Therefore, it is crucial for people to understand the popular types of floors available for use.

Various types of floors

Concrete floor

It is one of the most popular and mostly used floor types. In fact, most other floors are usually placed on tops of concrete like tiles, carpet, marble and wood. It is made of cement and sand or gravel. Some of the strong points of this floor type are durability, ability to resist pressure and are waterproof. People may opt to give a nice finish and have it as the main floor particularly of the lobby and veranda.


Marble floor

Marble is one of the most expensive floor types yet elegant for use in lobbies and stairways. People do not prefer to use this floor for anything else but the class it will give to the home. Marble is not made on the site like many other floor types. It is custom-made in a factory, and all one has to do is place if and seal it well on the floor surface. It also requires a high level of maintenance and sometimes the touch of a professional particularly in institutions with high traffic.

Wooden floor

Most sitting room floors in people’s homes are made of wood which can come in different shapes and types depending on preference. The all time rustic theme never loses value year after the other. The wooden floors require a high professionalism during installation and more so if it is the parquets floor. With an excellent level of care which includes no use of excel water to clean, wood is durable and creates warmth in the house. Frequent stripping and repolishing by an expert will be necessary. Ensure that only a professional with the right expertise and equipment handles the wooden floor.

Carpeted floor

People can buy ready made carpets which come with different designs or opt for the wall to wall carpets particularly for the bedrooms. The floor is usually warm and avoids noise. The floor also requires care in maintenance and professional carpet cleaning once in a while.…